The liberal-leaning targets of today’s mail bomber (Barack Obama, CNN, the Clintons, etc.) obviously indicates that he/she was motivated by Trump’s Hitlerian, anti-left, pro-bumblefuck hate rhetoric — “get the Deep Staters, the evil liberals and the big media fake-news guys,” etc. Obviously. This is his basic drill, who he is, what he lives for…a totalitarian thug of the lowest or first order (take your pick).

From 10.24 N.Y. Times story, reported by William K. Rashbaum: “A law enforcement official said the devices were made with a 1-inch-by-6-inch length of PVC pipe filled with suspected pyrotechnic powder and broken glass to serve as shrapnel. They had a small button battery with a digital clock as a timer and a hot bridge wire initiator, the official said.

“The devices contained some of the components that would be required to build an operable bomb, but law enforcement officials would not say late on Wednesday whether they were viable.”