Right now this nightmare of a Lamborghini is sitting adjacent to the valet desk at the Grove parking lot. There are no cultured, book-reading, Ivy League-educated fellows from the Middle Atlantic or New England states who would even sit behind the wheel of such a monstrosity, much less drive or buy one. Cars of this sort are made for no-class, taste-free Middle Eastern guys with too much money (Iranians, Saudi Arabians), Russian mafia operatives or socially insecure bling-wearing hip-hop artists.

The black guys who were hired to play Skull Island natives in the original King Kong (1933) were outraged, of course, at the coarse racist characterizations they were forced to go along with. They were men with families and responsibilities and traffic tickets to pay, but they had to suffer the humiliation in order to collect their SAG minimums. Demonic Kong directors Merian C. Cooper and Ernest B. Schoedsack cackled with glee at the grass skirts, spears and animal-bone necklaces these proud men were forced to wear.

A 1936 CBS Radio reading of Robert Sherwood, Charles Kenyon and Delmer Daves’ script The Petrified Forest, sometime after the 2.6.36 debut of Archie Mayo’s film version.