The Los Angeles Film Critics Association (aka eccentric foodie Venusians who occasionally get it right and sometimes wildly wrong) split their Best Picture award this afternoon — Tar (fine) and Everything Everywhere All at Once (absolutely not). These people are from the Planet Neptune, and now that they’ve gone gender neutral, forget it. They’re not of this earth. Nobody cares about what they think or who they like. Okay, the talent does.

LAFCA’s Best Director trophy went to Tar‘s Todd Field….great. He also took the Best Screenplay award. The leading performance awards went to Tar‘s Cate Blanchett (emphatic agreement) and Living‘s Bill Nighy (a good performance). One of the Supporting Performance awards should have goe to The Banshees of Inisherin’s Kerry Condon, but it didn’t. The winners in this category were Dolly De Leon of Triangle of Sadness (disagree) and Ke Huy Quan of Everything Everywhere All at Once (ditto).

Due respect but if you’re curious about the rest of the awards, here’s a link. Nobody really cares. LAFCA is its own realm, its own little dingle-dangle. I say screw ’em…they’ve gender-neutraled their way into oblivion.