The San Franciso Chronicle‘s Mick LaSalle on Fat AlGore, that is. And La Salle’s odd attraction to the idea of Gore running again for President in ’08. It would be great if Gore were to run a campaign as a way of keeping environmental concerns in the forefront, but c’mon…he’s said over and over and over that he’s not running, and if he did he’d look like yesterday’s news standing next to Barack Obama. The only way a Gore run could possibly ignite would be if he dropped 30 or 40 pounds. I’ve always felt there’s a slight disconnect between a guy preaching prudence and caution in the consumption of dangerous fuels when it’s obvious he’s needs to practice more prudence and caution a when it comes to rich foods. Gore’s weight doesn’t exactly undermine the message of An Inconvenient Truth , but it kind of fiddles with it on some level.