Last Holiday (Paramount, 1.13), another go-girl Queen Latifah movie, is based on a 1950 Alec Guiness film of the same name. Directed by Henry Cass and written by J.B. Priestley, the Guiness version is about a mousey office worker who’s told he hasn’t much time to live and so he withdraws his savings, heads off to Europe and has the time of his life. And to judge by the the trailer, the Queen Latifah version uses the exact same set-up. [Note: the following is not a spoiler because the Guiness film is 55 years old, but somebody out there is going to squawk so here’s the warning …okay?] What I’ve always liked about the Guiness is that it has two twists — one, he finds out his doctor made a mistake and he’s not dying, and two, a delighted Guiness gets into his car with this wonderful news still ringing in his ear and five minutes later gets into an accident and is killed. I haven’t seen the remake and I’m just spitballing, but what are the odds that Queen Latifah checks out in a similar way? Opinions? Suspicions? Check out the trailer and guess again.