The most recent assessment of Robert Redford‘s chances in the Best Actor Oscar race has been “forget it…he refused to campaign, too proud to get out there and hustle, might not even be nominated,” etc. And he might not be. But earlier today award-season handicappers told me they’ve picked up insect antennae vibrations telling them that tomorrow night Redford might actually win the Golden Globe for Best Actor, Drama. Because…I don’t know why. Because the star-struck HFPA voters are more attracted to the idea of Redford, the ultimate glamorous movie-star of the ’70s and ’80s, being crowned on their stage than the Texas-accented, hard-charging, presumed-to-be-in-the-lead-as-we-speak Matthew McConaughey? Or…I don’t know, because Redford is more glammy than Bruce Dern? One thing you can probably count on: Unlike Dern, Redford will almost certainly not wear orthopedic comfort shoes to the Globes.