Salt numbers have bumped up sharply over the last couple of days. Unaided awareness, particularly, has risen 10 points to 19 — a very good number. Aided awareness is 84, definite interest 40, first choice 13 (presumably rising to 17 or 18 by tomorrow or Friday). Older and younger females are almost as gung-ho as 25-plus males. Younger Eloi males appear to be the weak link.

Either way the basic indicators suggest that moviegoers are too scattered and ADD to focus on films until the final week, and that’s why Salt is finally kicking in now.

Distracted iPhone-Obsessed Lazy Brain: “Whadaya wanna see Friday, Marty?” Scattered Lame-o: “I dunno. What do you wanna see, Beano?” Distracted iPhone-Obsessed Lazy Brain: “I dunno. Seen Inception, gotta see Salt, I guess. Nothing else around. Angie runnin’ around barefoot, little pedicured piggy feet.” Scattered Lame-o: “Annie comin’?” Distracted iPhone-Obsessed Lazy Brain: “Aahh, she’s going with her girlfriends on Saturday. I’m stag tonight.” Scattered Lame-o: “This isn’t some kinda spy relationship chick flick thing, is it?” Distracted iPhone-Obsessed Lazy-Brain: “I dunno. Don’t think so.” (Throws down half a can of Diet Coke, belches.)