You’re working for the Loews 19th Street plex and it’s time to change the marquee. Space dictates an abbreviation of The Curious Case of Benjamin Button. So you decide upon “Benjamin Button” or maybe “Ben Button” if you’re running out of letters. But what kind of idiot would go with “Ben Buttons“? Or, for that matter, just plain “Marley” when all you need to add is “& Me”?

Outside the Time-Warner center last night prior to the Film Society of Lincoln Center’s q & a with Benjamin Button director David Fincher, which happened inside the Rose theatre on the 5th floor. Fincher was fine, amused, amusing, etc.

A hand-painted Eastern European one-sheet for Alfred Hitchcock‘s Spellbound (’45), hanging in the lobby of the Walter Reade theatre.

It’s 5:55 pm and I’m sitting inside a Cosi chain restaurant — great soups, excellent breads, good coffee, etc. — on Park and 21st. (That’s Jett sitting at the rear table.) Waiting for the NYFCC awards dinner to start at 6:30 pm. It’ll be happening just a block away.