Mark Steven Johnson‘s Ghost Rider (Columbia, 2.16), the Nic Cage/Marvel comics motorcycle action fantasy, is tracking very strongly right now. General awareness is 55, definite interest 40, first choice 13. For a film opening two and a half weeks from now, those are very good numbers. Pic is going to float and then some. Look for a minimum $30 to $35 million opening weekend.
This coming weekend is Super Bowl weekend, which means Sunday is going to be a wipeout and even Saturday may be affected with pre-Super Bowl parties and all. Michael Lehman‘s Because I Said So (Universal, 2.2.07) may do modest business….numbers are mezzo-mezzo to decent…59. 31, 12. Danny and Oxide Pang‘s The Messengers (Columbia, 2.2.07) is at 54, 30 and 9.
Hannibal Rising (MGM/Weinstein Co., 2.9) is at 56, 29 and 5. Modest, nobody’s in it, and it’s MGM. Eddie Murphy’s Norbit (Dreamamount, 2.9) will do decent business…72, 35 and 6. Music and Lyrics (Warner Bros., 2.14) looks like a modest opener — 53, 29, 4. Tyler Perry’s Daddy’s Little Girl (Lionsgate, 2.14) is at 29, 35, 4 — Perry’s fan base will turn out and it should will open fairly well, perhaps very well.
Billy Ray‘s Breach (Universal, 2.16), which I hear is rather good, isn’t tracking all that well so far…29, 24 and 1. Bridge to Terebithia, a kids’ films, is at 55, 27 and 5 — for that kind of picture, these are good numbers. Ghost Rider, as mentioned, is going to be explosive. The Abandoned is at 11, 15 and no first choice at all. The Astronaut Farmer — 34. 20 and 1.
Three 2.23 openings: Black Snake Moan is at 36, 27 and 2. New Line’s Number 23 us tracking at 36, 28 and 2….not much action for a Jim Carrey film. And Reno 9.11 is at 43, 27 and 1.