The candidacy of Mittens Romney died yesterday. He was on the ropes anyway, down three points with likely voters, but the “47% of Americans are deadbeat freeloaders” video has put an end to it — not because he says anything shocking on it, but because he says what everyone has always suspected are his core beliefs about the people who are basically deadweight. He’ll totally be on the defensive during the presidential debates and he just can’t recover.

Oh, and incidentally? Most people are basically deadweight. They’re sheep. The life of any culture or economy or revolution or what-have-you is always the dynamic 10% or 15%. So I agree with what he said, but I’m still a hardcore Obama man because Romney is a clumsy, clueless doofus and an absolute animal because he believes that the deadweighters have made their own fates. Which of course they haven’t. We’re all trying to keeps our head above water in heaving seas. To live by Romney’s vision is to embrace a form of inhumanity. Corporations are not people — they’re sociopaths.