Magnolia will open Ruben Ostlund‘s The Square, Palme d’Or winner of the 2017 Cannes Film Festival, on 10.27.17.

On 5.19 I called it “an exquisitely dry Swedish satire, mostly set among the wealthy, museum-supporting class in Stockholm. It’s basically a serving of deft, just-right comic absurdity, the high points being two scenes in which refined p.c. swells are confronted with unruly social behaviors. It works because of unforced, low-key performances and restrained, well-honed dialogue.

“Ostlund’s precise and meticulous handling is exactly the kind of tonal delivery that I want from comedies. There isn’t a low moment (i.e., aimed at the animals) in all of The Square, whereas many if not most American comedies are almost all low moments.”

Incidentally: Why do people post clips that you can’t hear very well unless you’re wearing earphones, and even then it’s not quite enough?