CNN’s Don Lemon has been axed effective immediately. This was obviously not a good day for this to happen with the competing story of Tucker Carlson‘s departure nipping at Lemon’s heels or vice versa. Two major-media news headliner departures announced within an hour!

There are obviously four women who helped to push Lemon out, either directly or consequentially — (1) Nikki Haley, the 50something Republican presidential candidate whom Lemon claimed was not “in her prime”; (2) Variety‘s Tatiana Siegel, whose 4.5 article reported about the news anchor’s alleged “misogyny at CNN“; (3) Lemon’s CNN co-anchor Kaitlan Collins, who clashed with Lemon over bristly attitudes and diva fits, and (4) White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre, who recently refused to be interviewed by Lemon.