I don’t know how these Wells and Antropova photos fit together. Maybe they don’t. But Tatiana’s photo at age 18 (actually a photo of a mangled photo) was snapped two or three years after the Wells family shot [i.e., bottom of the jump]. Or so I’m telling myself.

Tatiana and Svetlana Martsinyuk, sometime in ’76 or thereabouts, residing in the Moldavian Soviet Socialist Republic.

Tatiana Martsinyuk (later Antropova) at age 18, fall of ’92 or early ’93.

Myself, sometime in ’87 or ’88.

’76 or ’77.

Can’t recall the year, possibly ’82 or ’83.

Mom, dad, myself…late ’80s.

BTW: Tatyana’s final film production grades at Santa Monica College…honor list!