Sometimes I’m up for taking pics at parties, and sometimes I’m not. Mostly I’m thinking “photos are cool, this is business and they know it, so no worries.” But sometimes I just want to hang back and…I know I’m not badgering anyone but sometimes I just want to be serene and Zen and at peace on the sidelines. Nonetheless, I manned up and snapped Les Miserables star (and 97% certain Best Supporting Actress winner) Anne Hathaway, director Tom Hooper and costar Eddie Redmayne at last night’s Les Miserables Spago event.

Les Miserables costar Eddie Redmayne, director Tom Hooper — Friday, 12.14, 11:25 pm.

I asked Hathaway about the Judy Garland biopic (based on Gerald Clarke’s 2000 biography “Get Happy“) that she and the Weinstein Co. have been developing for…what, three or four years? In 2010 she told a BBC interviewer that “It’s a very sensitive project…we’re really trying to get it right so we’re taking our time with it…very, very slow incremental steps.” Hathaway told me that last August Harvey Weinstein told President Obama that the film would happen “within a couple of years.”

Hathaway is tallish (5′ 8″ but nearly my height with three-inch heels) and Garland, she said, was not quite five feet. So she’ll have to do a Marion Cotillard-in-La Vie In Rose (i.e., acting on large-scale sets with large-scale props).

While standing in the main room at half-time, the party at its fullest and loudest, I noticed a familiar face. A short lady with a robust personality, standing near Les Miz costar Eddie Redmayne. She had dramatic sweeping blonde hair and was speaking and laughing loudly — I could hear fragments of what she was saying from 15 feet away. She could have been 24 or 25 or 26. Definitely no teenager, I told myself. But I couldn’t remember her name. I asked TheWrap‘s Steve Pond, who was standing right next to me, and he recognized her but couldn’t think of it either. Then it hit me…Chloe Moretz! Who’s 15. (She turns 16 on February 10th.) She’s adapting to her world she’s part of, but the vibe was very bold and brassy, a little touch of Tallulah in the night.

Moretz’s next film, Carrie, opens in March.

Geeky Blonde” Rhiannon McGavin, Lez Miz star Anne Hathaway — Friday, 12.14, 11:05 pm.

Chloe Moretz leaving last night’s Spago party. (Pic borrowed from

Amanda Seyfried — pic borrowed from