A decision by Far From The Madding Crowd star Carey Mulligan to forego eye make-up during photography for the current Vogue has resulted in perhaps the most quietly mesmerizing photo of the 29 year-old actress I’ve ever seen. Mulligan has embraced various mascara’d looks since she popped six years ago but this is some kind of kind of classic breakthrough.

Last night I bought and watched the Twilight Time Bluray of Broadway Danny Rose, mainly to savor Gordon Willis’s black-and-white photography. It looks fine but it didn’t deliver anything close to what I like to call a Bluray “bump” — dollars to donuts the DVD doesn’t look much different. I’m disappointed. (You’d never know it from the packaging but the Bluray between La Notte and Paths of Glory is The Social Network.)

This column has been running for exactly 16 and 1/2 years now. It began in October 1998. Photo was taken when I was suffering at People magazine, partly because I hated it there and partly because at the time I was….naah, private.

During filming of Sunset Boulevard (l. to r.): Anna Q. Nilsson, Gloria Swanson, Buster Keaton, William Holden, Eric von Stroheim, H.B. Warner. (Born in 1875, Warner played Jesus Christ in Cecil B. DeMille’s King of Kings (’26) when he was about 51. Warner was 74 when this on-set shot was taken in late ’49 or early ’50.)

The British Midnight Run Bluray popped on 4.20.

Francis Coppola, Al Pacino, Diane Keaton during filming of The Godfather, sometime in mid 1971. Coppola was 32, Pacino 31, Keaton 25.

I was speed-marching around the Hollywood reservoir yesterday afternoon — we’re in a drought, you bet. Back in the mid ’80s I would run…well, mostly jog around this nearly three-mile path. It wasn’t easy but I did this a few times. Those days are gone.