Watch this obviously weird, bordering-on-comedic Nike spot, and then go to David Matthewsaudio-overlay option piece on and click on option 7. I don’t know the original audio source, but 7 rules.

As to Earl Woods‘ question about whether his son learned anything, I think there’s only one answer. “Yes, dad. Publicly humiliating my wife, my partner and the mother of my children was a terrible thing. Brutalizing the feelings of someone you trust and care for is truly bad for the soul.

“But honestly? Guys like me are gonna do what we’re gonna do. You can’t say this on The View but it’s true. The key thing for me is to henceforth show respect and consideration for my wife by being much, much more discreet. Because if you can’t be discreet, you shouldn’t cat around at all. You absolutely must show respect for your wife and partner — that’s the bottom line.”