Cool-cat screenwriter Larry Karaszewski (1408, Man on the Moon, Ed Wood) has written in response to that Nic Cage-as Liberace item I wrote that dissed Liberace project screenwriters Aaron Seltzer and Jason Friedberg, the gag-men who wrote large portions of the Scary Movie and Date Movie and Spy Hard screenplays. Karaszewski, who oversaw the development of the Liberace script with partner Scott Alexander, says “it’s actually very good.” I believe Larry because I respect his work, but I’m having trouble digesting this. How can Friedberg and Seltzer write crap like Scary Movie and then turn around and write a good one about Liberace, or one that doesn’t have a similar bullshit gag-writer tone? Larry’s reply: “Aaron and Jason are trying to change like we did by following Problem Child with Ed Wood. It can happen. Look at your rave for Adam Sandler in that 9/11 picture.” I guess the next step is to try and score a copy of the script.