Scarjo to Entertainment Tonight Canada: “I did a job with Adam Driver recently” — i.e., Marriage Story. “We spent two entire days screaming at each other, brutally screaming and fighting for two full days. It was exhausting, but if I didn’t have as strong an actor as Adam to take all the stuff I was giving him I would have been lost. For me, working with other actors is a really important part of what I do…it’s everything.”

Just two days? I thought Marriage Story was supposed to be some kind of acrimonious, full-throttle story of a bitter divorce. The Wiki page says it shot between 1.15.18 and continued until April 2018, or roughly 11 or 12 weeks. Which would be…what, 55 or 60 shooting days? Two screaming days out of 55 or 60? Noah Baumabch‘s film runs 136 minutes.