J. Davis‘s Manson Family Vacation (Netflix, 10.6) is about how a Los Angeles family man (Jay Duplass) not only plays host to his no-account hippie-weirdo-dipshit brother (Linas Phillips) but gets dragged around to all of the significant Manson murder sites. Well, I don’t how to say this but this is precisely what I did when I first came to Los Angeles back in the ’70s. I visited the Polanski-Tate house (a beautiful Robert Byrd-designed ranch house which stood at 10050 Cielo Drive before it was destroyed in the  mid ’90s), the LaBianca house (3311 Waverly), the Spahn ranch (23000 Santa Susanna Pass Rd., Chatsworth), etc. Three years ago I revisited the Polanski-Tate abode to contemplate the throughly disgusting McMansion erected in its place, and owned by Full House producer Jeff Franklin. Note: The IMDB says that the film was written by J. Davis and J. Davis.