In an article this morning about the completion of Penske Media’s purchase of Variety, Deadline reporter (and former Variety headliner) Michael Fleming has inserted some personal views. “I’m sure my former [Variety] colleagues and the newer staff there will be understandably apprehensive,” he writes. “I’m sure there will be a significant readjustment period for everyone as Variety is redefined, and some of that will undoubtedly involve creating a leaner, more efficient operation.”

In other words, I was fairly close to the mark when I predicted on 9.24 that the likely aftermath of the Penske takeover would be analogous to African lions taking over broods and the killing of lion cubs. I repeated this impression on 9.29. Glenn Kenny made fun of this, but who’s prescient now?

TheWrap‘s Alexander Kaufman and Brent Lang are reporting that Deadline honcho Nikki Finkewill have no immediate role” in the running of Variety, according to insiders. Variety sources have told TheWrap that “tension has arisen between Finke and Penske Media Chairman and CEO Jay Penske because he would not give her a role running the trade. ‘She’s having a major tantrum because he won’t give her the keys,’ one of those insiders told TheWrap.”