If Joe Biden had won the Democratic presidential nomination last summer, he’d be president-elect this morning. I’m even telling myself that if Bernie had won the nomination he might have prevailed because at least he was addressing the same anger that Trump managed to exploit so well. The liberal instinct right now is to lower our voices, show a little tenderness, easy does it. The wife of a journalist colleague told me this morning to be extra-gentle with over-45 women today (i.e., don’t be an asshole). Thanks, wife of journalist colleague! But I can sense the mood as well as she can. Whatever grief is being felt this morning by over-45 women, I feel it also. Not “theirs” but “ours.” The fact is that too many Democrats and Millenials stayed home. The bumblefucks didn’t exactly say “no” to a would-be woman president, but they sure as hell said “no” to Hillary.

Olberman excerpts: “The American electorate decided last night to end the American experiment…successful FBI coup…the terrorists have won…the feeling that we’re all Americans, all in this together? Today, officially, that’s gone…hate, fear, bluster and incompetence…we have slit out own throats and paid the bill, $12 a glass, for our own poison…the rust belt states that turned against diversity and democracy yesterday will be the first to suffer the coming privations….right now [Trump] thinks he is Superman, but the economy will be a complete shambles by the time the oath of office is administered…it will be bad, very bad…Americans and others will now die…at some juncture there will be ‘the resistance’ and a gathering of enough support to impede this monster, this aggressively self-destructive man, to help him in this task.”