I’ve been getting by on journalist earnings since roughly ’81. Actually ’80, come to think. Since HE launched in August ’04 I’ve been a fairly happy person, especially so when the ad revenues began to climb around ’07. But last night I was recalling how much I hated my various pre-journalism jobs. Oh, the feeling of relief that would start to kick in on late Thursday afternoon! Thursday night and then all day Friday and Saturday — about a 60-hour period.

Then those feelings of dread and even mild depression would kick in on Sunday morning. You could feel Monday breathing down your neck. Then it arrived like mustard gas and another four-day hell period would begin.

Journalism saved me from that awful cycle. I’m not tooting my horn when I say I feel badly for persons who’ve been coping with that “please, God, make Friday come sooner” mentality all their lives. I lived that for too long. I remember the gloom, the drinking, and that half-hostile, half-resigned mentality. It’s a terrible way to live.

Since August ’04 I’ve taken no days off, and worked much longer hours (minimum of 10 to 12 per day = between 70 and 80 per week). I know I’ll never stop. Please, God, keep it coming.