With no reported change in AMPAS attitude/policy since yesterday, it appears as if Deadline‘s Michael Fleming‘s Oscar-covering press credential ban is being upheld. Nikki Finke revealed early yesterday afternoon that Deadline‘s press pass had been revoked over Finke having posted a spoiler-heavy rundown of the show’s schedule.

“There’s a long history of entertainment journalists besides us publishing multiple scoops about the show during the week leading up to the Academy Awards broadcast, including this year,” Finke claimed. “But none of those news outlets were banned from coverage. True, until now, no media outlet has ever published so many scoops as Deadline did yesterday. The fact that we did our reporting job too well put the Academy on tilt.”

Finke speculated that the revoke order was apparently due to the particular ire of AMPAS exec administrator Ric Robertson. I’m guessing that Robertson didn’t pop his cork entirely over Deadline‘s scoop (although that was obviously the main reason), but also because Finke prefaced the rundown by saying “what’s confirmed at this point looks to be yet another snorefest…the highlights or lowlights depending on your point of view when it comes to the overly long and usually boring Oscar telecast.”