Like I said yesterday, Logan Lucky (Bleecker, 8.18) plays much better at the Rodeo screening room (where the sound is rich and reasonably well-tuned) than at the Wilshire Screening Room (where the sound lacks specificity and is in fact on the cruddy side). It should also be acknowledged that while director Steven Soderbergh shows respect and affection for his North Carolina-residing characters, there’s also a gently lampooning quality to the dialogue. Ditto the performances and especially the actorish Southern accents, which are simultaneously low-key and drawly and quietly broad. (Adam Driver‘s, in particular.) There are digs at a pair of yokels who say they need emotional motives to take part in a robbery, just like rural voters who insist on voting their cultural resentments rather than for candidates who’ve advocated sensible, common-sense programs. And I would be derelict not to point out that there’s a scene near the end of the film in which Channing Tatum has suddenly dropped a good 20 if not 25 pounds. (Through most of the film he looks like Michael Moore.) I should also say there’s something JonBenet Ramseyish about young Farrah Mackenzie, or more precisely the way her mother and other adult women encourage her to look like a foxy teenager with loud makeup and teased hair. But I do want to see Logan Lucky become a success. If it succeeds, we all do.