Last weekend the Times Online‘s Ben Machell and Killian Fox posted a piece called “40 Bloggers Who Really Count,” and in so doing declared that Hollywood Elsewhere and Nikki Finke‘s dominate in the Hollywood realm. A decent plug if I do say so myself.

“A good Tinseltown blog needs a dash of eccentricity, and Hollywood Elsewhere, home of veteran movie reporter Jeffrey Wells, is deliciously entertaining as well as informative and insightful,” they wrote. “When not goading his legion of readers with fiercely opinionated posts on everything from the Oscars to cinema-going etiquette, he’s airing strongly held political views and curious details from his everyday life. Posts come thick and fast, and he’s as conversant with world movies and classics as he is with the latest 3-D Hollywood juggernaut.”

Seriously, guys — thanks much.