The late Elliot Rodger‘s “day of retribution” video — taped a day before last night’s Isla Vista massacre — is obviously one of the most twisted and pathetic messages ever captured along these confessional lines. The dialogue is ghastly. The guy was a monster but what fairly good-looking guy kills young women because he can’t get laid? A friend has opined that Rodger was basically Patrick Bateman — a sociopath who couldn’t see beyond his disease. On the video Rodger was saying a couple of the same things that a certain member of the HE community has ranted about (loneliness, no one will “do” him, etc.), but girlish indifference or rejection is not, I suspect, the real reason he murdered six people last night. How many hundreds of thousands of young guys out there are enduring the anguish of a loveless, sex-less life right now? Life is hard, man, and girls have been breaking hearts since the beginning of time…what else is new?, live with it. The 22 year-old Rodger, who died from a gunshot wound to the head (probably self-inflicted), is reportedly the son of Hunger Games second-unit director Peter Rodger. The first thought I had when I read this bit of information was “who raised this kid?” The second thought was a question — how does a guy evolve without being distracted by feelings of basic decency and respect for the sanctity of life? The third thought was that Elliot Rodger is roughly the same age as Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, the Boston Marathon bomber.