Four days since I’ve arrived — today begins my fifth day without a change of fresh clothes — and Air France is still hanging onto my little black suitcase. It was driven from Paris to Nice on a truck late Wednesday night, I was told, but the driver hasn’t shown up and Air France is having trouble locating him. The bag sure as shit hasn’t been dropped off at the Majestic — I know that much.
Maybe the driver stopped for a couple of drinks and he needed time to sleep it off. Maybe he met a hot lady at a truck stop. Maybe he’s seriously distraught over a recent divorce or financial loss and decided to drive the truck off a cliff.
The upside is that Air France has an alleged policy about compensating passengers who’ve been without their luggage for over 48 hours. We’ll see how that one goes. I wonder if they’ll just say “okay,” or will I have to go into the whole song and dance about how they’ve screwed me financially, cost me time and extra money (I bought a pair of pants) and so on?