Look at the photo of the bearded, bug-eyed guy wearing a flannel shirt on this Yahoo news site page, and answer the following question honestly. We all need to try and look within, to always try to empathize with what the other guy is going through, etc., but that aside and solely on a visual first-impression basis, does the look in this guy’s eyes freak you out? Just a tiny bit? Does he seem in any way, shape or form like the same guy who stuck a gun in his mouth in that phony mobile beach home in Lethal Weapon 18 years ago? (That freaks me out also…18 years ago?) There’s no question that Mel Gibson, who’s about to start directing Apocalypto in the jungles of Mexico near Veracruz, has gone from being on his own philosphical-religious trip to physically being someone else. That white streak in his beard…! He looks a little bit like abolitionist John Brown, or like some hills-of-Tennessee preacher in a 1930s period film directed by Michael Apted. He’s become very brawny looking in a backwoods, cut-your-own-fire- wood, have-sex-with-your-own-sheep “baaaah!” kind of way. I guess what I’m saying it that he looks completely gone and over- the-hill.