An interesting group attended last night’s In The Loop premiere at the IFC Center. Hangover star Zach Galifianakis was there (and giving me what felt like a bit of a dirty look as the theatre emptied out). Three or four Sopranos guys (Paulie Walnuts, Artie Bucco, Big Pussy, Furio) came at the invitation of Loop costar James Gandolfini. Famke Janseen (Nip/Tuck, Taken, “Jean Grey” in X-Men) was there; ditto Tom Arnold. Several great-looking women with legs to die for were waltzing around the after-party. Plus the usual assortment of journalists (myself and Jett among them).

James Gandolfini, Federico Castelluccio (a.k.a., “Furio” on The Sopranos) prior to last night’s In The Loop premiere screening at IFC Center on lower Sixth Avenue.

(l. to r.) In The Loop costars Zach Woods, David Rasche, James Gandolfini and Steve Coogan (apologies for the blur) prior to last night’s Loop screening. I have a concern with any older guy who wears sandals but there’s no point in harping.