Purely from memory, but my memory’s pretty good when it comes to Paddy Chayefsky….a post-coital scene between the late Diana Rigg and the late George C. Scott, from Chayefsky and Arthur Hiller‘s The Hospital (’71):

Rigg: “I love you, Herb, and want to marry you and have children. And of course, you love me. I mean, you ravaged me three times.”

Scott: “Three times?”

Rigg: “You were as puffed up as a toad about it. Punched a slight hole in your crusade for universal impotence, didn’t it?”

Scott: “Diana, I raped you last night in a suicidal rage. Where did we get love and children out of that?”

Rigg: “For heaven’s sake, Herb. I ought to know whether a man loves me or not. Last night you screamed it, bellowed it, shouted it from an open window.”

Scott: “Well, I think those were more feelings of gratitude than anything else.”

Rigg: “Gratitude for what?”

Scott: “Well, my God, for resurrecting feelings of life inside me that I thought dead!”

Rigg: “Oh, for heaven’s sake, Herb…what do you think love is?”

Scott: “All right, I love you! I’m not about to argue with so relentless a romantic.”