Steve Jobs screenwriter Aaron Sorkin offered two interesting observations about the late Steve Jobs on last night’s Charlie Rose Show. The irony is that neither view is, I feel, truly manifested or brought home by the film.

Sorkin Observation #1: “If you’re writing an anti-hero, you can’t judge that character. You have to write that character as if they’re making a case for before God why they should be allowed into heaven…you have to be that character’s lawyer.” HE response: The feeling I had about Jobs when I finished reading Sorkin’s script was “no sweetheart but what a force of nature!” while the feeling I had about Michael Fassbender‘s Jobs was “what an asshole.”

Sorkin Observation #2: “This man, deep down, felt flawed and unworthy of being liked, unworthy of being loved…and to compensate for that, had the remarkable ability to infuse these products with lovability.” Rose (echoing): “Here was a man who didn’t feel loved but was able to give lovability with products that people would love.” HE response: This is the most profound observation about Jobs that I’ve ever read or heard. It makes perfect sense. But I didn’t hear it articulated in the film, either directly or indirectly. Maybe I was nodding out or something.