So now it’s even more certain that Inglourious Basterds will wedge its way onto the list of ten Best Picture nominees because all the December releases are falling short…is that it? That’s more or less how In Contention‘s Kris Tapley expressed it over the Thanksgiving holiday in his podcast chat with Anne Thompson.

I’m sensing that Quentin Tarantino may have called his agent, Mike Simpson at William Morris, sometime last week to kibbutz.

Tarantino: “You’re hearing what I’m hearing, right? Nobody’s seen Avatar but all the other December releases are, like, good or pretty good or whatever but nothing’s really going through the roof so they’re…they’re, whatever, likely Best Picture contenders but at the same time they’re soft so…like, we’re in! ”

Simpson: “I’ve never had a moment’s doubt but now I know we’re good. Cat’s in the bag…”

Tarantino: “Done deal!”

Simpson: “Congrats, Quentin. Really, man.”

Tarantino: “We’ve been strong all along because…you know, Basterds fans are adamant or enthused whereas Nine or Invictus seem to be….well, you know, people like them…I mean, I loved Nine and Harvey knows this, but we’ve got the truly passionate following. And now that Brothers has been seen and Lovely Bones is…well, I guess it’s pretty much dead.”

Simpson: “You saw it?

Tarantino: “No, but the word hasn’t been…you know…”

Simpson: “Yeah, I know.”

Tarantino: “Except for one guy, Kris Tapley…he called it ‘dangerously close to a masterpiece‘ or some shit. He’s probably alone given what I’m hearing but even if Bones experiences a turnaround, we’re still good. The people that like us really like us, so we’re good no matter what. What I really want, as you know, is Best Original Screenplay…wait, are we Adapted or Original? I’ve forgotten. But that’s what matters along with Best Picture. Anyway…”

Simpson: “We’re good so we’re good.”

Tarantino: “Woo-hooo!!!”