Recent major articles in both Vogue and the N.Y. Times are referring to Darren Aronofsky‘s latest as Mother! and not mother! Aronofksy has insisted all along that the lower-case spelling is the correct one, but when you have both the N.Y. Times and Vogue disagreeing…well, do you throw in the towel or what?

For the record, Wikipedia is also going with a capital “M” but acknowledges the title is “stylized as mother!.

Wells to Aronofsky: “Do I take it that the lower-case battle has been lost, and that the rest of us can start using an upper case ‘m’ from here on?” Aronofsky to Wells: “The official title is mother!, and there’s a reason [for this]. I fought the battle on Pi too!”

For those who weren’t around 19 years ago, Aronofsky wanted his ’98 breakout film to be referred to with the pi sign and not as Pi. Wikipedia calls it Pi but says it’s “also titled with pi sign.”