The key points in this morning’s Lou Lumenick assessment of Lincoln: (a) “I’m not so sure it ‘turns [the] Oscar race upside down,” as a traffic-seeking headline writer at the Hollywood Reporter claims.” (b) A “raft of Oscar nominations will surely [follow], especially in the technical categories”…Best Pic nom plus Best Actor nom for Daniel Day Lewis, but Tommy Lee Jones‘ portrayal of the grumpy Thaddeus Stevens “steals the picture”; (c) “The first hour threatens to become somewhat eyeball-glazing, but the very deliberately paced 145-minute film gradually picks up momentum,” (d) While pic “is in some ways a 180-degree turnabout from Spielberg’s War Horse, it seems to me this is a deeply-felt passion project (Spielberg’s wanted to make it for years) that ends up engages the mind more than the emotions.”