Sony chairman and CEO Michael Lynton has written a Wall Street Journal piece that says because American films and TV shows are taking ideas from other nations and cultures and vice versa, “What can be seen in the cinemas and on television screens from Bangalore to Barcelona these days is any indication, globalization does not mean homogeneity. It means heterogeneity.”

Wait a minute…uhmm, that means “the quality or state of being heterogeneous; composition from dissimilar parts; disparateness.”

“Instead of one voice, there are many,” Lynton continues. “Instead of fewer choices, there are more. And instead of a uniform, Americanized world, there remains a rich and dizzying array of cultures, all of them allowing thousands of movies and televisions shows to bloom.

“Audiences around the world are applauding this explosion of home-grown content, because for them, Hollywood is not simply a place in Southern California. It is a symbol of an entertainment culture which is becoming as diverse as it is universal.”

This is why I keep a safety pin near me at all times.