I never responded to the most oft-voiced comment about the opening-page art for that Los Angeles magazine piece about “The Blog Whisperers,” which is that David Poland looks like either Clemenza or Don Barzini…some scary guy from Little Italy. That led to a thought about whether any other entertainment or Oscar-blog writers remind anyone of any character in either The Godfather films or on The Sopranos.

Pete Hammond doesn’t remind me of any mafioso types — too amiable and industry-centric, zero malevolence, too much laughter and good will.

I can’t think of any character whom N.Y. Times Oscar guy David Carr might be either except, on a reach, a blend of two Sopranos characters — Jerry Adler‘s ‘Hesh’ Rabkin plus Peter Reigert‘s State Assemblyman Ronald Zellman.

Sasha Stone is not Connie Corleone or Carmela Soprano, but I could make a case for her being a blend of Dr. Jennifer Melfi with a tiny sprinkling of Annabella Sciorra‘s steak-throwing car dealer, Gloria Trillo.

In Contention‘s Kris Tapley sees himself as blend of Clemenza and Tom Hagen. I say he’s young Michael Corleone just when he’s convincing Sonny that he’s got the steel to shoot Virgil “The Turk” Sollozzo in that Bronx restaurant.

Tom O’Neil doesn’t have a gang bone in his body (okay, maybe a little tiny bit of John Ventimiglia/Artie Bucco) but Coming Soon‘s Edward Douglas could be…I’m lost. Drawing a blank. Any thoughts on anyone else? Who’s Devin Faraci?

I’m obviously not the best judge, but I would say I’m made up of one part Christopher Moltisanti (as played by Michael Imperioli on The Sopranos), one part Tom Hagen/Robert Duvall and one part Sonny Corleone/James Caan.

Postscript: One of the above-named voices wrote in around 3:30 pm to say that Poland reminds him/her of Sterling Hayden‘s Capt. McCluskey, the guy who got shot along with Sollozzo by Michael Corleone.