The dreaded red wave simply didn’t materialize.

In race after race and to everyone’s surprise (including Bill Maher‘s), Democratic candidates held on, eeked out victories and even triumphed in some instances.

John Fetterman beat the Trumpsupported Dr. Oz in Pennsylvania, and Georgia’s Raphael Warnock will probably wind up defeating Herschel “nutcase” Walker in a 12.6 runoff. It appeared this morning that Colorado Rep. Lauren “wackazoid” Boebert may lose her race. Also this morning Arizona’s Republican gubernatorial candidate Kari “wackjob” Lake, a Trump fave and a Big Lie proponent, appears headed for defeat.

The red wave narrative turned out to be bullshit, bullshit…a crock of steaming rightwing go-along media-concocted horseshit.

Republicans will probably have a slight House Majority at the end of the day, yes, but the bottom line is that in many states and territories voters rejected many MAGA crazies, and while it may take until early December to determine which side will control the Senate, it’s feasible that Dems might hold on to their thin majority.

I suspected that Ohio’s Trump-aligned U.S. Senate candidate J.D. Vance would prevail against Democratic candidate Tim Ryan, so I wasn’t floored when this happened. But so many wowser, fascinating things happened, and very few of them encouraging to the MAGA lions.

There’s no way you can’t call Donald Trump a diminished figure this morning.