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Carville: “The last eight polls are all the same. 72%, 73% of the country…call it 75% of the country doesn’t want Biden to run again. That’s a big fuckin’ number, man.”

Maher: “That’s a very big number [for] something that is crucial…it’s ridiculous.”

Carville: “Biden vs. Nikki Haley. 49% to 43%. I have never seen an incumbent president at 43%. Do people actually know Nikki Haley’s position on anything? Naah.”

Maher: “Haley is another ‘this is as good as it gets’ Republican. It’s not going to get better than [Republican candidates like her]. There is no imaginary Alan Alda-from-The West Wing Republican. Am I right?”

Carville: “You’re right in that over recent years….[the Republicans] have stupid voters.”

Maher: “This is why they hate you. You just said ‘stupid voters’ and…I like to channel everybody’s side. They’re saying ‘yeah, okay maybe we’re stupid but do you think you’re doing stupid things in your own way? Like pregnant men?’ That’s what they say, and I get it.”

Carville: “About 10% or 11% of Democrats describe themselves as progressive liberals. Survey after survey, and these people are annoying, silly. And most people don’t know what they’re talking about. And the number of MAGA people among Republicans is 65%. So we pay a greater price for 10% of progressive wokesters than the Republican pay for 65% of their people. The identity people on the left are silly…they’re not evil…they’re just goofy. The original woke term came from a black jazz musician who was born in Shreveport and died in Houston. And then over-educated coastal white people got hold of the word, and they completely fucked it up and pissed everybody in the country off. If we could just get the faculty at Amherst to shut the fuck up, we’d be a lot better off.”

Carville: “Do you think that Joe Biden…if you tried to explain to Biden what woke is, do you think he could even understand it?”

Maher: “He’s like the dad who doesn’t really understand what the kids are into, but he doesn’t want to fight about it either. So when the wife is like ‘honey, the kids want to cut their dicks off and tear down statues of Lincoln’, he’s like ‘whatever, I’m watchin’ the game.'”

Carville: “Most of these older guys…they don’t even understand what [the kids] are talking about.”