I’ve been hearing stuff about the Bill Maher-Larry Charles anti-religion doc for a few months now, and I wasn’t invited to see the “sizzle reel” in Cannes two months ago. (No journalists were — only buyers.) But now Lionsgate has bought the domestic distribution rights, and the plan is to release it sometime “next spring.” Wait…eight or nine more months? One of these guys is an ass-dragger. Why don’t they take another year?

Bill Maher, Larry Charles

Charles (the Borat helmer) “followed Maher all over the world as the irreverent host of HBO’s Real Time With Bill Maher interviewed people about God and religion,” according to Michael Fleming‘s 7.12 Variety story. Here’s Maher ranting about religion during his stage show, and a Real Time discussion about how Islam “is not a religion of peace.”