A reasonably well-connected guy with a friend on the 20th Century Fox who’s said to have regular contact with Fox Filmed Entertainment chairman Tom Rothman (and who was questioned yesterday by an investigator regarding the Wolverine piracy) has been told that “within the last few days” — i.e., prior to the Wolverine work print appearing online — “Rupert Murdoch received a package at his New York office that contained a DVD copy of the leaked Wolverine.”

The Fox guy allegedly said that “most people involved are considering the delivery a big ‘eff you’ to Murdoch and Fox.”

I tried checking this with two off-the-lot sources who might have heard something, and with Murdoch’s office and Newscorp. corporate spokesperson. Everyone claimed they hadn’t heard the story and/or had no reason to believe it’s true. The story sounds too much like an urban legend. To me, at least. It’s too colorful and dramatic, like a scene out of a screenplay about the Wolverine work-print thievery, and a little bit like the opening of Zodiac.