A smart exhibition guy (knows his stuff, doesn’t mince words) caught Kathryn Bigelow‘s The Hurt Locker at tonight’s 6 pm screening at the Ryerson, and says that “with the exception of the closing minutes, which I think are a little misjudged, I’m thinking it’s some kind of war classic. A tough and problematic film, marketing wise, but it transcends Iraq juju. For me anyway. Awesome.”
The second definition of “juju” in the American Heritage Dictionary says “the supernatural power ascribed to an object.”
I was kept out of today’s 3 pm Wrestler screening due to every seat being taken, and my only other chance to catch it will be at the 12 noon public screening tomorrow. This is precisely when the first and only press screening of The Hurt Locker happens. Now I have to decide between them. I should have been more focused and disciplined and gotten myself down to this evening’s showing.