An absence of steady stoic cool among male characters in today’s films has been, like, noticed and commented upon.

Critical Drinker: “In functional terms what we’re seeing on-screen aren’t really ‘men’ in the normal sense. They’re basically hyper-active, hyper-emotional, hyper-talkative children forced into men’s bodies.”

Funny excerpt: “In Star Wars: The Last Jedi, director-writer Rian Johnson “understood exactly what he was doing…[with his sculpting of old Luke Skywalker] he performed the most epic character assassination of all time, determined to kill not just the man but his legacy along with him.”

You Tube guy #1: “I was trying to explain why entertainment is is bad lately and my girlfriend said I’m anti-woman. That’s what I get for dating a 23 year old, I guess.”

You Tube guy #2: “I’m surrounded by a lot of women in this department. And that includes the men” — Ron Swanson.

You Tube guy #3: “Its kind of funny how much of a difference not having strong, well-written men have made in movies. The whole ‘stoic’ thing is one of the reasons I love old westerns so much. Cliches or not, they’re just so much more fun to watch.”

You Tube guy #4: “Every woke writer: Dear god ‘men’…they just offend me for no reason.”