“Let me reaffirm that the [Holywood Reporter] offer was real and detailed and made to me by [one of the bosses of e5 Global Media CEO Richard] Beckman during a phone conversation on the night of January 13th.

The offer “consisted of: $450,000 annual salary for becoming editor-in-chief of The Hollywood Reporter. Plus a $1 million Malibu home which, I was told, “you can keep whether you stay 5 minutes or 5 years” in the job. (Why this? Because I had said that some day I want to buy a Malibu condo with an ocean view.) Plus a sum “roughly estimated” at $650,000 a year for my share of several cable TV deals which e5 anticipated making for THR. And so on. Other people know about this offer, too.

“Let me reiterate that I did not negotiate. Instead, I set in motion a dialogue about mutually beneficial business between my parent company MMC and the new THR owners. That discussion continues.” — Deadline Hollywod Daily‘s Nikki Finke responding to a statement by Beckman that “there is no truth to the report” that she’d been offered THR‘s editor-in-chief job.