“Somehow we are locked at the hip to Hillary Clinton, who won’t stop her manic tarantella until her party whirls into ruins, like the run-amuck carousel in Alfred Hitchcock‘s Strangers on a Train. [Her] campaigning has come to: a monotonous exercise in showboating solipsism, like Shirley MacLaine as the geriatric mother in Postcards from the Edge, hijacking her daughter’s party and kicking up her heels to sing ‘I’m Still Here!’

“Even with strong wins in Appalachia, Hillary has no true rationale for her candidacy, other than her inflamed gender and her putative Washington ‘experience’ — which has yet to produce a tangible legislative achievement. Her persistence is now keyed to her hope (chillingly close to a curse) that her rival will make a major gaffe or be besmirched by some unknown past scandal. And her message maliciously undermines Barack Obama, the presumptive nominee, by targeting his presumed weakness in the general election.
“But the gifted Obama is just getting started on the national stage, while his opponent, John McCain, is a clumsy, fusty, narcissistic waffler whose party is in disarray and revolt against him.” — from Camille Paglia‘s 5.14 Salon column, titled “She Won’t Go Easy.”