I didn’t know French TV actress Berenice Marlohe before catching her relatively brief but quite striking performance in Skyfall (Sony, 11.8). Dark hair, 5′ 9″, fierce and passionate eyes, a faint glint of Eurasian heritage…wham. Which is why Terrence Wackadoodle has reportedly added her to the cast of “his latest film,” whatever that might be.

It could be Knight of Cups, which, given Malick’s tendency to dither endlessly in post-production, might not be ready for viewing sometime (I’m not joking) in 2014.

Marlohe, 33, has a settled, sophisticated vibe and a deepish, cigarette-smoke voice. And beyond-intense cheekbones. She appears in the Hong Kong and Macau sequences in Skyfall. She’s one reason why I’ll be returning for a second screening of Skyfall on November 5h.

Will Marlohe survive Malick’s whimsical approach to keeping or discarding characters in his films? The 60ish Malick clearly likes the ladies and especially exotic, eccentric, foreign-born ones (hence his focus on not just Olga Kurylenko but Romina Mondello in To The Wonder) so probably. And you have to assume that Christian Bale and Natalie Portman are safe. But Cups costars Michael Fassbender, Ryan Gosling and Rooney Mara….who knows?