An age-old maxim — “Never trust the artist, trust the tale” — has been underlined in a Seth Rogen interview with the Guardian‘s John Patterson, in which Rogen drops a Terrence Malick bombshell. Besides having directed Rogen in Pineapple Express, David Gordon Green is “good friends” with the reclusive semi-oddball director, says Rogen.

“And David said to me the other day, ‘Guess what Terrence Malick’s favorite movie of the last 10 years is?'” Okay, what? “Zoolander! He knows every word, watches it every week. Which just goes to show, you never can predict these things.” Are you hearing this, Oliver Stone? Does Ben Stiller have an official response he’d like to pass along? Malick/Zoolander, Malick/Zoolander, Malick/Zoolander…an amusing attitude-trip film that, for me, was a little bit better as a script.