Each year the L.A. Press Club hands out National Entertainment Journalism Awards. But on the entry page, which says that you have to pay $40 for each entry, there’s a fairly significant typo.

A journalist friend says he recent read Sharon Waxman‘s “gloating” piece in The Wrap about how her website won nominations for all these awards. And yet none of the other folks I thought would be there, including Nikki Finke, Anne Thompson, David Poland, etc. even got a mention.

“You have to apply for a nomination and cough up forty bucks per submission (in each category) in order to qualify. I guess that’s why the entertainment website and entertainment blog nominees are so thin. Paying for awards is sort of desperate — still, I guess nobody really knows what’s going on, so lots of people are probably impressed by hearing about these awards.

“These awards don’t objectively judge the best in each field — just the best applicants in each field who fill out the long application forms and pay forty bucks per submission. If you read the submission rules it seems clear this is simply a moneymaking ruse that counts on the massive egos of journalists. I mean, just look at the nominees list — is this really the best of the bunch?”