In a cottonball interview with Rose McGowan by some worshipping fanboy, McGowan is asked about the Robert Rodriguez Barbarella project, which the N.Y. Observer‘s Spencer Morgan reported last month was in doubt because Universal doesn’t believe McGowan is a big enough draw to topline a $100 million sci-fi fantasy.

McGowan tells the fawning suck-up that she “can’t answer that question just yet” but says that “anything negative that has been written about me doing this film is utterly and completely untrue.” Perhaps she’s speaking about Morgan’s piece (everyone reads the Observer), but perhaps not. Whomever she’s referring obviously struck some kind of nerve, however, because McGowan rips into the this person as a word-slurring alcoholic.

“I suppose i should’ve wasted more of my time trying to decipher the ramblings of a drunken, slurring writer,” she says. “It seems that since i didn’t give enough time to this drunk, he took out his bitterness by writing lies. One of the biggest downsides of my business is that when people have the forum to write lies, I don’t have a forum to fight back. I’ll be honest, that stuff does upset me and hurt my feelings.”