Some TV commentators’ insistence on staying with the Rev. Wright clamor despite Barack Obama having totally put that issue to bed earlier this week has been making me more and more angry. I’ve been thinking about tapping out something that makes more or less the same points as this 5.2 piece by Huffington Post contributor R.J. Eskow, but I may as well just link to it. Says it just right.
“Suppose a small group of people controlled the press, and they wanted to ensure a Republican victory in November,” Eskow begins. “If this group were to write a memo to the media, what would it say? (1) Extend the Democratic primary race as long as possible; (2) Remind the public that the seemingly ‘post-racial’ Obama is a black man, [and] make him seem as scary-black as possible; (3) Strengthen Hillary Clinton‘s image with white working-class voters by making her appear populist, folksy, and one of them. Conversely, characterize Obama as an elitist who is out of touch with ‘real people’; (4) Break down Obama’s post-partisan appeal to independents and Republicans by linking him to the divisive left/right politics of the 1960s. Bingo — mission accomplished!”
Of course, you need to be an under-educated dumb-ass prole to be swayed by this horseshit to begin with. But this country has plenty of those.
This 4.29 Bob Cesca Huffington Post piece says almost the same thing.