“This is a film that works on every level,” Awards Daily‘s Sasha Stone wrote earlier today about Benjamin Button. “It is an authentic bit of writing, straight from the heart of Eric Roth, who admitted during the q & a that he lost his parents while writing the script. That kind of sentiment and heartbreak cannot be faked. That kind of inspiration is rare. Unfortunately for him it came at a great cost. Perhaps this is why the truth here, bare as it is, cuts as deeply.

“Combine Roth’s emotional output with David Fincher‘s exactitude and you have something nearly perfect. With so many limbs, emotions and ideas the film shouldn’t work at all, but somehow it does. Much credit is due to Brad Pitt, whose Benjamin Button is a soul-shattering creation, and Cate Blanchett, who bursts forth like her own hurricane. Taraji P. Hensen‘s Queenie is the heart of the film.”